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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Outdoor Recreation!!

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There are a number of ways you can pass your time and also get that daily dose of exercise. Indoor activities are not your last resort. There is a lot you can do outdoors as well but make sure you consult your doctor first. Here are a few outdoors recreational activities:
  • Bird watching: A great activity for people who love nature but cannot go for nature walks, in the fields or forests because of physical constraints, lack of transport, companions or any other practical problem. You necessarily need not go to the forests for this. A park in the vicinity is a good idea to start this activity.
  • Gardening: All you need is a small patch of land, or a few pots that you can keep in your balcony or just outside your house, and some bright coloured equipment.
  • Letterboxing: Never heard of letterboxing? It's a fun outdoor activity that combines hiking and treasure hunting.
  • Sports: If you have your doctor's approval to play sports, break out the golf clubs, soccer ball, or tennis racket and get playing. You could join a senior league or simply play with friends at the Local Park or recreation center.
  • Exercise: This is one activity suggested by all doctors and health practitioners for all age groups. The seniors are no different. Different forms of exercise are now being practiced which are a great form of relaxation apart from helping physical and mental fitness. Try water aerobics, walking, yoga, or Tai Chi.
  • Photography: All you need is a camera. A practical way is getting hold of a digital camera, and clicking whatever interests you, and capturing it in your camera, or computer. It could be a theme – like nature, or vehicles, or humans, anything that hold your attention
  • Scavenger hunt: Set up a scavenger hunt with a friend or try geocaching.

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