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Sunday, 7 June 2015

The HCG Diet Plan- Is It The Perfect Solution For Weight Loss?

Have you been searching for the best solution for you effective for weight loss, but can't seem to find what you need? Then you need to know more about the HCG diet plan to understand is it is perfect solution for you.

This diet plan was developed by Dr. Simeon after he did extensive research on the HCG hormone & how it was used to help someone lose weight. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin and it's produced in the body naturally.

Dr Simeon has found that HCG leads to changes in the way a person's metabolism functions in their body. This will help stimulate your body to release all your excess fat that has been stored in different areas of it.

To all who use this diet plan you get 2 options. You will be able to use an HCG shot or oral HCG.

Just to make sure you do the diet regimen of five hundred calories per day.

This strict diet helps to make sure your body will be cleaned of chemicals that add weight to it. This is 1 of the reasons it is an effective diet for everyone.

It is also important to know that there are 3 distinct phases know as loading, maintenance & stabilisation.

In the first phase, over a period of 2 days, you will take 60-10 drops of HCG 6 times each day. This is what makes it work effectively. You'll then need to eat a high calorie diet.

In the second phase, which lasts for twenty-one days, you use 60-10 drops of HCG six times each day. Once you get started with this phase of the diet you'll begin to eat a low calorie diet of five hundred calories each day that the diet requires.

The third phase will also last for twenty-one days or more, depending on how much weight you want to lose. Again, you will take 6-10 drops six times a day.

You will then be able to increase your calorie intake & can start eating organic food, but stay away from sugar & starch. Once you have completed all 3 phases you'll see a significant loss of weight.

You must be sure that you follow the diet very strictly in order for it to effectively work for you. 1 thing to note is that when you are on this diet, even if you only eat five hundred calories a day, your body will still burn almost two thousand calories each day.

Using this information about the HCG diet plan you must now decide whether to give it a try. To all of you who have been struggling to lose weight, this may be the solution you have been searching for.

It will help you effectively get rid of your weight and keep it off. However you will not know until you check it out yourself.

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